Sunday, November 20, 2011

Squilliam's Yacht

People seem to think because I worked on SpongeBob, I'm rolling in cash. Sometimes they think I have something to do with the merchandising. It's not the case unless answering yes will benefit me.

I do some writing occasionally for the comic, though. It's one of the only non-superhero periodical comics still being published, and one of the many projects my former Nickelodeon editor Chris Duffy in the wake of the magazine's demise.

One of the stories I wrote was written in comics form rather than script form. It looked like this:

Rather than use the symmetrical Kurtzman/Stanley format I usually use, the layouts were changed, and this was the eventual result. The name of the story has also been changed to Squilliam's Yacht

The layouts are by co-creator Derek Drymon, art by Stephen DeStefano, coloring by Scott Roberts, the lettering will eventually be done by Comicraft. My former writing partner Jay Lender saw this without the dialogue and said “I don't ever want to know why SpongeBob is in Patrick's mouth. The explanation could only be a letdown.”

Viacom is strict about enforcing Spongebob's copyright on YouTube, so it's interesting what gets by. Here are the search results for the episode Rock-a-Bye Bivalve I worked on ten years ago.

And I didn't know this, but another episode, Just One Bite, has a scene which was deleted from reruns, presumably because of “imitative behavior”

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