Saturday, October 29, 2011

World Encyclopedia of Cartoons D-G

Gus Dirks, 1901

Boris Drucker, Saturday Evening Post.

Dr. Seuss before becoming a children's book author, doing a cover for Judge.

John B. Gruelle, Judge

Rose O'Neill, The Kewpie Korner

Kukrynisky, The Big Three Will Tie the Enemy in Knots. The top was cut off like that.

Albert Levering, Christmas page for Puck

Sandro Lodolo

Jacques Faizant

André François, Punch

Joseph Farris

Rube Goldberg, Foolish Questions 1912

Franz Füchsel, Hendes Verden. Füchsel was one of the cartoonists who drew the infamous Muhammad cartoons.

Alfred Freuh, caricature of Winifred Linehan as Saint Joan.

Orla Getterman (“Get”)

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