Thursday, July 14, 2011

TIME, 1 of 5

I was at a newsstand recently, and not a single general interest magazine except The New Yorker had an illustration on the cover. I can understand them cutting down on size to save money, but, must they all have photographs? Many teachers I had in art school blamed the dearth of illustration on Spy with its graphics, but they still had a number of illustrations. Even newspapers like The Village Voice have stopped paying some of their contributors.

At one time Time would frequently have a drawing instead of a photograph.

These are scans rather than magazines I own. This is why I couldn't get them bigger and the borders are blurry. I wish I could.

Okay this first one doesn't count, since it's for a story specifically about comics.

April 9, 1965
May 14, 1965
by Saul Steinberg
April 4, 1967
by Paul Conrad
September 22,1967
by Gerald Scarfe
November 3,1967
these next three are by David Levine
January 5,1968
March 8, 1968
again, these next two are Gerald Scarfe.

June 26, 1968
October 11, 1968
Since these are all in chronological order, On Monday I'll be getting to Jack Davis, who did the majority of them.

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