Thursday, December 16, 2010

GROOVY 1, 1 of 3

Here's yet another example of repackaging Marvel's parent company did. They would buy gag cartoons and print them over and over again. Most of the artists probably didn't even remember the cartoons they sold twenty years earlier were still being reprinted, if they remembered having done them at all.

The cartoons were published in various gag and girlie magazines, with titles like JEST, GEE-WHIZ, SNAPPY, etc. GROOVY was the size and page count of comic books and in color, the later issues actually having the Marvel logo on the cover. They must have realized the comics division of the publishing company was far more successful than the many men's magazines they were doing and decided to aim towards that market. In this and more so in later installments, you can see how the counterculture of the time was co-opted as well.

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