Monday, November 8, 2010

TRASH #1, 5 of 5

I know a couple people who took a drawing class with Walter Brogan and that he was the best draftsman they ever saw. His pieces in humor magazines don't show that with the likeness seeming to not be using a photo reference, but those of other caricaturists, and different ones at that. I'll assume he was a better artist, and since some of these magazines wanted someone who drew like Mort Drucker, he could do that in his sleep.

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  1. Brogan's work under the Mort Todd regime at Cracked was really strong. It didn't have that rushed, swipey quality it had at Crazy and other humor magazines. But when Todd left the art really suffered and actually became worse than his earlier work. I remember a Scream parody he did that looked like he suffered a stroke as he was doing it.