Thursday, September 2, 2010

RIOT #3, 2 of 3

There was something Marvel published around the same time called WORLD'S GREATEST SONGS, presumably because Stan Lee was overworked and in order for them to issue a new title, they relied on public domain lyrics. This was probably meant for that. I'm not sure who the artist is, but they did a good job imitating the style of Jack Davis.

When most people think of Dave Berg, they think of the smug middle-aged guy smoking a pipe and complaining about miniskirts. I guess I'm as bad as anyone else in perpetuating that legend. But like Kurtzman and Elder, Bob Hope, and Benny Hill are best known for the inferior work they did the later half of their life, so too did Dave Berg spend the later half doing THE LIGHTER SIDE. Here's yet another attempt at rectifying the situation and showing he was much more versatile once.

Another public-domain song in RIOT probably meant for WORLD'S GREATEST SONGS.

Everything today was from RIOT #3 in 1954.

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