Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Son, the Daughter part 1

This was a book published in 1966, back when the idea of someone being gay was funny in and of itself. I don't know for sure, but Mort Drucker's probably embarrassed by it now.

This was most likely written by Jackie Kannon, who wrote a lot of books like this and edited a magazine for a while called RATFINK.

The same publisher also did a couple books of “Fannie Hillman” illustrated by Sergio Aragones to cash in on the Jewish mother schtick of the time. It's weird how the people behind Jewish jokebooks were most likely Jewish while the gay jokebooks were written by people who probably never even met a homosexual.

The text is all in this script on the facing page, but I didn't feel it was worth scanning just to get that text when it was quicker to retype.

The other half to come Monday.


  1. LOL! I never thought that I'd see this! And glad to see it loading well FOR ONCE! I like the book cover design and I AM NOT talking just because of what it's about but the color styling and such. The first words MY SON, are rendered in that 1960s MAY CO. department store font.:)

  2. Besides the gender confusion in the first two panels, this book doesn't come across as homophobic to me! Sure the humor is that he's doing things only girls do, is sex-focused, and is his mother, but along the way they show him entering into an LTR with a fine young gentleman, they show his feelings being reciprocated by a vast array of traditionally masculine men, and no where does his homosexuality warrant an attack from the other characters. Might be my new favorite book.