Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yoe Books

Whenever I see Craig Yoe, he always has a new book out, sometimes he even gives copies to me. Recently, he gave me a copy of his latest, JETTA, the first in a series for IDW. It's sort of an Archie imitation set in the future. There are parallels to all the characters you're familiar with (Jetta=Betty, Arky=Archie, Neutron High=Riverdale, etc.)It's something Dan DeCarlo created in the 50s before perfecting the template for Archie and pre-dating The Jetsons by several years. It compiles all three issues plus a cover for the aborted 4th issue (#8) and several pinups by artists like Colleen Coover, Danny Hellman, Jay Stephens, Robert Ullman, and a few I hadn't heard of before.

I've mentioned The Complete Milt Gross before but these two books are a few of many he's been doing. I'm glad Craig and his wife Clizia have been putting these old comics back in print, particularly things I'd want, some of which would cost thousands of dollars to get, if you found them at all. He's been collecting all this stuff for years and now has an opportunity to share it all with the world. I hear he's even doing a FRITZI RITZ book next, featuring some stories I won't be posting here.

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