Monday, May 10, 2010

MY Frazetta preference

Frank Frazetta was known by everyone for his fantasy art, but not much attention is given to his humor work. Had he not done the Conan book covers, he might have had the same career as Jack Davis.

I don't think he did the top half

He was almost a regular in MAD but there was a disagreement about keeping the original art.

He claimed not to use photographs for reference, which probably wasn't the case with caricatures. I doubt he could do so many from memory.

I think "smoking" is probably a euphemism here. From PSA in various Warren magazines.


  1. You actually found some stuff for this post I had never seen before! I always loved the AFTER THE FOX posters and ads!

  2. Excellent array of posters and images.

  3. Ringo!

    Also like the fonts and graphics on those '60s and '70s movie posters.

  4. With "What's New, Pussycat?" and "After the Fox", surprised there was not a Frazetta "Casino Royale"!
    He also did the William Castle Sid Caesar "The Busy Body"


  5. that's a great selection of stuff, mate. I love the Ringo.