Monday, May 31, 2010


This is one of dozens of magazines published by what would eventually become Marvel Comics. They used multiple names which was a common practice either to get around paying extra for mailing permits or to seem bigger than they are. This is one of their lower rung gag magazines that didn't have big names like Dan DeCarlo or Bill Ward, or many of the other artists there are collections of, but used the same tactic of recycling cartoons over and over again. There are also a lot of names you'll recognize. I'll say who they are if I know. If they're alive, they probably don't want to be associated with this.

Joseph Farris is mostly in the NEW YORKER.

Jack O'Brien wrote a lot of SAD SACK and edited the previously posted THIS MAGAZINE IS CRAZY

Charles Rodrigues is someone you'd recognize from NATIONAL LAMPOON and CRACKED and you wouldn't know from his stuff there that he was very religious.

Sid Harris is known primarily for cartoons in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.

Bob Thaves made a name for himself with FRANK AND ERNEST.


  1. These are some of the larger artist names from the generation collected here.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. These are great! Long live the gag cartoon!