Monday, April 5, 2010

CRAZY the comic

There were several different magazines called CRAZY. There was the MAD Magazine imitation Marvel did in the 70s that went through several editors. Then there was CRAZY, MAN, CRAZY which became THIS MAGAZINE IS CRAZY from Charlton (I'll show that at another time). Also in the 50s, there were imitations of MAD the comic book. Magazine Management's publisher Martin Goodman famously said something like “for every successful magazine on the stands, we'll do several imitations”. In addition to CRAZY, they had WILD and RIOT, all imitations of MAD. Stan Lee, editor of their comics line, had a good stable of artists to work with. Had they not gone off to other things, they might have helped create the Marvel Universe that Jack Kirby practically did all by himself.

Joe Maneely was one of their top artists who drew in every genre they did and would have continued to do so if he didn't commit suicide in his early thirties.

Bill Everett rivaled many of the EC artists and could have been a giant in the business had he not drank himself to death.

I'm beginning to sound a bit like Jim Carroll.

Howie Post was also a writer for many of the Paramount cartoons. He was later one of the artists who drew for the Harvey line of comics when they had a bunch of kiddie characters that looked like they were played by the same “actor”.

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