Monday, March 8, 2010

GRIN #1, 3 of 4

Like with their PEANUTS parody, there's little reason for there to be a twist on the parody, since most of these strips seem to just be regular BLONDIE strips.

D.J. Arneson was an editor at Dell who also wrote the 'adult comic books' about LBJ.

The artist obviously didn't care about the work and just wanted to get it over with, as witnessed in the second strip here.

There was a similar bit on MR. SHOW of God reading the books-on-tape version of his memoirs (in a parody of the tape of the Robert Evans autobiography)

I should also mention there the magazine had ads I didn't include. They were mostly the '8 tapes for 1 cent' type ads.

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  1. That Blondie/Nixon spoof is weird. It's like the writer wanted to do a genuine satire but realized after the first strip that it was way too hard so he just decided to do a standard Blondie strip after that. And wow, was that art bad.