Thursday, March 4, 2010

GRIN #1, 2 of 4

I'm not sure what requires any of these characters to be of any race. Maybe referring to the ghetto was a way to be topical. The NATIONAL LAMPOON did the same thing a few years later, and though not particularly sensitive, at least they had traits attributed specifically to their ethnicity. And I don't know why these strips had three panels instead of four.

Henry Scarpelli is the father of now out-of-the-closet 80s teen idol Glenn Scarpelli. Not that it's important or anything but it's a piece of trivia you can impress friends with.

GRIN had a thing about ethnic humor when it came to the "safe" stereotypes. The character of Henry Kissinger could have been anyone German.

I think "Fred Wolf" may be a pseudonym, only because there was a "Fred Wolfe" who later wrote for CRAZY. I could be wrong though.

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  1. Didn't Fred Wolf write for Sick as well? Maybe he was another Laikin Psuedonym?