Thursday, February 11, 2010

POW 2, 1 of 4

Here's another humor magazine a bit different because it didn't have a mascot. It reprinted a few things from CRACKED and later vice-versa. Some of the articles also came from ZANY. There was a reason for much of this: it was one of the many magazines published by the same company. They mostly did mens' adventure and girlie magazines with humor as one of their many branches. Before they had SUPER CRACKED and GIANT CRACKED and CRACKED MONSTERS, etc. they did several humor magazines under different titles, using the same artists. Much of this all will be indexed in the forthcoming HISTORY OF CRACKED.

Because of the BATMAN TV show, all media started using "campy" sound effect blurbs. This may have been what inspired the title POW!

For some reason, Bill Ward signed a lot of stuff for these early magazines "McCartney". It's not as if he had anything to hide, like most people who use pseudonyms. My theory is that he used his real name for the dolled up females he was best known for and the pen name for everything else. Usually it's the other way around. I guess we'll never know the real reason.

A lot of publishers filled space and saved money by using free stills they got for movies and from their press wires.


  1. This actually looks pretty good. Cracked has used that cover for at least one of their annuals. I always wondered why they awkwardly pasted a Slyvester P. Smith head on the Superman stand-in. Now I know why.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. In an old issue of Cracked there was an article promoting an animated series called The Flip-Sides starring Slyvester and his extended family (which included a vampire). Does a pilot for this actually exist or was this just a case of the Cracked editors jumping the gun way too early?

    I also recall a Cracked superhero movie perpetually being announced as "in development" by Comic Scene magazine during the late 80s.