Monday, February 22, 2010

Foreign MAD

There are lots of foreign editions of MAD magazine. There's Argentina, Australia, Brazil, The Caribbean, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Quebec, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. A lot of it is just translations, some of it is all original material. They're basically humor magazines of each particular country with the licensing rights to MAD and access to their archives. Some of the material wouldn't translate into other languages, not to mention many American public figures. Often if that's the case, they'll replace them with their own figures. Sometimes they parody movies and TV shows that don't come here.

There was a cover during the '68 Presidential election of Alfred E. Neuman popping balloons of the candidates caricatured by Mort Drucker. Nobody in Turkey would have known who they were then let alone 30 years later. Here they used their own politicians and election.

The Jaws cover was taken not from an American cover, but from an interior article showing what happened the moment after what you saw on the cover.

On Thursday I'll have a sample issue of the German edition.

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  1. Hi, love your blog. We share a love of the same sort of cartoons, especially the Esquire stuff. In fact I am prparing a post on Fisher in Esquire (and while I was researching that I found that one of my favorite artists, P.T. Bimbo's Howie Schneider, started at Esquire as well). I am also the editor of the new Dutch Mad. I'd love for you to do a feature on us and can send you scans of whole issues if you contact me at I also have a large collection of older Dutch Mad's. If anyone deserves more attention it's cover artist Wouter Lap, who did all Dutch Mad covers back then. His son, Marco now does out covers.