Thursday, February 25, 2010

Deutsches MAD

Here's the German edition of MAD. As I mentioned before, the foreign editions have a lot of original content appropriate for a particular country, while leaving out the parts that aren't. My original plan was to translate the whole thing through Babelfish, but I gave up after the first two cover blurbs.

I have no idea what's going on on the cover either. The guy is Klaus Kinski but why he's the devil is beyond me. I originally wondered why he had only one cloven hoof, but I was told the devil is that way in parts of Europe, presumably so he can blend in with civilians. The woman is I guess some famous German astrologist who also appears on the third page. I still have no idea why they're supposed to be witches.

I guess 'Fitzcarraldo' is more popular among 13-year-olds abroad.

This I understood because the words are similar enough to English and it uses the symbols for each country.

Some of this is taken from the American version from an article called "TV Guide We'd Like to See" but since they don't have TV GUIDE or a lot of the same shows, they wrote all-original material here.

Thanks again to Mike Sullivan for providing me with xeroxes of magazines I don't have. He doesn't have a scanner, so I've relied on copies, hence the white and gray pages instead of the yellowing of newsprint.

There's also lots of translations of the American edition, but I didn't feel the need to include it, and it's also in print somewhere.

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