Saturday, January 16, 2010

odds and ends

I did say Saturday would be a wild card and I'm sticking to it. Today I have various things to post.

First up is roughs for some comics I wrote. Since it was work for hire for a property owned by a large corporation, I can't reveal the characters or their names. Both of these when finished had different endings so I'll show these.

Next month from Fantagraphics is the debut of NEWAVE!: THE UNDERGROUND MINI-COMICS OF THE 1980S,an 890+ tome edited by Michael Dowers. The contents are chronological from 1972-1993 and 8 of those pages are a comic I did in 1992, one of the last things in there. I'm surprised to be included, since I wasn't part of the 'newave' network and a bit younger than everyone else, but I won't complain. The contributors and interviewees are too numerous to mention, but it seems like a must-have for anyone interested in xeroxed comics of the time.

I've been finding lots of fillers by Mort Drucker. They had a few artists draw like him but you can tell which are his because he signed them. This one's from SHOWCASE #61 in April 1966.

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