Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kar-tunz and Tuna Casserole

Here's some pages I did for Kar-Tunz, the magazine put out by Harvey Kurtzman's class.

I got in trouble for this one. Well, not exactly trouble, but even though I'm making fun of the KKK in this strip, merely acknowledging their existence is offensive to some.

I co-edited this magazine with Scott Russo, who I'm not on speaking terms with. It's all my fault. Just out of college, I wrote a threatening letter to the president and signed his name to it. In his comic, he printed letters to public figures, and I thought it would be funny to write one on his behalf.

Yeah, I know the Secret Service (not the FBI or CIA as was publicized) does not have a sense of humor about these things and takes all letters seriously no matter what the intent. I know it could have resulted in one of us being shot or put away in prison for life. I learned all that by now, and it's not something I'd do again. It happened eighteen years ago and I'd like to think I've matured since then. I'd like to think it has no reflection on me now. I would have done this no matter who the President was. It's only recently I haven't been thought of as "that guy". There are some people (very few) who still hold this against me and would be sure it's on my tombstone. Fair enough, but there are three legitimate reasons as far as I'm concerned:
1)you're equally outraged as you were when first hearing about it.
2)you'd feel the same way if a close friend did the same thing.
3)you have a birth certificate that says "Scott Russo".

It reminds me of that joke "but you fuck one goat...". The worst thing is losing Scott Russo as a friend.

"Why am I reopening old wounds?", you may ask. Only because if I don't someone else will and act like it's a big scandal.

Enough of that. The next few pages are from a zine I co-edited around the same time called TUNA CASSEROLE. Most contributors lived in the same dorms.

As you can see, this was the beginning of the style I use now.

I used the name "Donnie Bergstein" on this to make my parents think it was someone else, as if they'd care.

I didn't do this one, we just printed it because we thought it was funny. Tom Hart's cousin did it at the age of 5. He's now probably about 30. We used to also consider 'Jesest' a superlative adjective as in "I am Jesuser than you, but he's the Jesest".

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