Monday, December 14, 2009

Harpoon #3, 5 of 5

As promised, here's the last of this issue of HARPOON. Later this week, I'm going to start posting an issue of CRAZY.


  1. Didn't Alan Kupperberg eventually work for Lampoon or am I thinking of Paul Kupperberg (I'm pretty sure that Steve Skeates and Alan Kupperberg went on to Crazy when Larry Hama was editor)?

  2. Alan Kupperberg was actually with NL from the start lettering the Foto Funnies. I've corresponded with Skeates in the past. He's kind of retired from mainstream comics. He was working for a newspaper in his hometown and publishing mini-comics.

  3. It seems Skrenes, Skeates, and Kupperberg were parodying Dorothy Woolfolk (a DC editor at the time) in that "Dorothy Do's and Dont's" page.

    See here:

    Many thanks for posting these.