Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blast #2, 1 of 4

BLAST was a peculiar hybrid of MAD and NATIONAL LAMPOON. They did the same kind of parody and used the same format of 52 pages on newsprint, but also had nudity. They only lasted two issues. It had some of the top comic artists, but it still looks like something written at the last minute. It's like when you're in high school and write a paper the night before it's due and don't care as long as it's done.


  1. Blast really wasn't that good but I like the Newspaper strips as Underground comics article in this issue. Although, I get the feeling they weren't all that familiar with R. Crumb's art.

  2. This is terrible but at the same time freaking amazing! I cannot believe I've never even heard of this one considering the artists involved!

  3. Blast is one of the better short-lived humor magazines from the '70's. The satire is spot on and to anyone with a sense of humor and who understands the zeitgeist of the time, it's quite funny.