Thursday, October 29, 2009

cartoon violence

Whenever someone thinks of old cartoons, they think of cats chasing mice, or dogs chasing cats, like this:

Supposedly, this comic from the June 1973 issue of NATIONAL LAMPOON was the inspiration for this:

But for the most part, that wasn't the majority of theatrical cartoons. Sure there was Tom and Jerry and a lot of one-shots, but for the most part, violence like this was mostly the domain of the lesser studios.

But it existed more so in the comics. What does this have to do with anything? It's my long-winded way of introducing this comic from FUNNY FILMS #28 in 1954.


  1. Hey, did you know that Brian McConnochie (the guy who wrote that Kit N Kaboodle comic) occasionally writes for Mad Magazine now?

  2. I guess the Caddyshack royalties aren't as big as you'd think.

  3. Sam,
    Thank you SO MUCH for putting up Kit 'n' Kaboodle! That has always been one of my faves.

    And I've never forgotten the line, "Bleech! My spine!"

    But there's too many damn words in "Puss an' Boots"--it's like one of those old Marvel comics where half the panel would be filled with Stan Lee's or Roy Thomas' inane and pathetic dialog.

    Too many words in comics, bad!