Saturday, September 12, 2009


I thought I'd seen them all. CRACKED, CRAZY, SICK, WACKO, TRASH, GRIN, PANIC, APPLE PIE, etc. This one was new to me. When I was looking for copies of pages from GOOSE, and Michael Sullivan came through, He also sent me pages from GLAD, a Christian version of MAD. In his book 'Rapture Ready' (see Sorry HTML doesn't work when I try to link to it), author Daniel Radosh shows us "regular" people the alternate world of Christian popular culture. Obviously there was a market for this. Some of these pages come from the 16th issue, so it lasted longer than most humor magazines.

The Bible mentions TV? I guess it's more prescient than I thought.

And since it was so popular when I posted it earlier this week, here's another kind of offensive from GOOSE...


  1. Oh man! I am so happy you posted Sect vs. Sect. Hopefully one of these days I can track down that issue with Ghostwrestlers. Unfortunately, Glad is so difficult to find.
    If you ever need anymore photocopies of obscure humor mags let me know. I've got Loco, Ratfink, Yell, Fooey, Solson's Warped, Barf, various foreign editions of Mad and more.

  2. I imagine someone like the Clint Howard character in R&RHS with a drawerful of humor magazines.

  3. Is that really Tallarico art on WONDER BROAD. I only ask's good!

  4. Nobody is credited, but that is definitely his lettering.