Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Other Side of Dave Berg

Anyone who knows me has heard me rant about Dave Berg. You've probably gone off on him too. I met Conan O'Brien a few years ago and he said, unprovoked, "I wish I could have Dave Berg on my show.". There's something about him. He always seemed to be the Garfield of MAD. He wasn't always squeaky-clean like everyone thinks, though. Or maybe he was trying to be 'with it'. Whatever the case, he got a few strips in that weren't quite him.

from MAD #159, 1973

from MAD #177, 1975

from MAD #178, 1975

from MAD #183, 1976

from MAD #206, 1979


  1. For some reason this Dave Berg piece reminded me of Glad Magazine the Christian version of Mad. Any chance you'll put Glad on your blog? Or Goose?

  2. I remember that! I totally remember the "You're blocking my view" strip. What makes that one unique in Dave Berg's work isn't the fact that there is a naked chick in it. What is unusual is that it is actually pretty funny!

  3. My GOOSEs are unfortunately in storage, if you have scans, I'll use them. I've never seen GLAD.