Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't Be a Stumbling Spook

And now a story from DARK SHADOWS #2 (not based on the later horror soap opera) in January 1958.

Ajax-Farrell comics can always be recognized for the italic title lettering in their splash pages and the figures that seem similarly slanted. It was probably better known for the stories reprinted in grade-Z black and white horror magazines of the 70s.

Some publishers had stories in their non-humor comics most likely meant for the MAD imitations that they cancelled in the late 50s. This may be one of them. The rest of the comic is usual horror fare. As with most Ajax-Farrell comics, no artist is given credit.


  1. Just wanted to say this looks a lot like the stuff that came out a few years later in the Archie "Mad House" books.

  2. Too bad I saw this too late to add to my list of Mad imitations in Alter Ego, but I agree.