Friday, April 24, 2009

So I finally gave in. All the kids are doing it so I decided to set up a blog as well. I plan to mention everything I eat and every time I go to the bathroom or maybe I'll just show what I'm working on or things I have. Since doing a comic yearly, not going to as many conventions, and not having my work promoted as much as I like has kept me out of the public eye so I've decided to do this. Salesmanship is my least favorite part of cartooning but it needs to be done. Maybe people will no longer think I don't exist or I'll stop thinking they think that or something like that. Maybe it'll motivate me to get off my ass and be as prolific as I once was. Maybe I'll be able to make a living from creative endeavors once again. Maybe the frustration I sometimes feel won't be self-perpetuating anymore. Maybe I'll be able to afford to move back to NYC once again. We'll see.

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