Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not Brand Ecch #10, 1 of 5

You know how SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE has done a bit millions of times where they're doing a parody of something and then they break the fourth wall and have the real object of parody show up? NOT BRAND ECCH was kind of that way for humor magazines. Satire that does its job is supposed to piss off its targets without their co-operation, otherwise it's just parody. Marvel had a magazine with that same kind of "it's all in good fun, we're just kidding" attitude, but in this case, it was often done by the very creators of what they were parodying, so it was really a different take more than a parody.

I got this from a scan and I think there's a page missing. I'm not sure. If anyone has it, I'll put it up here.

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