Monday, September 7, 2009


I have copies in storage but I couldn't get to them. It's not particularly good but I needed to at least show it exists. Luckily Mike Sullivan was able to send me copies. It was an imitation of MAD with the usual 52 b/w pages except that it was dirty. It kind of reminds me of Flesh Gordon in that the only people it would appeal to would be too young to read it.

There are no names on the masthead but I think it was edited by Paul Laikin who worked on other kiddie humor magazines. I say this because it had the same artists that presumably worked cheap. Ironically, the art, like this HAPPY DAYS parody by Tony Tallarico, is better than what they normally did.

This Disney parody from GOOSE #3 by Al Scaduto looks like it was inspired by the oft-bootlegged Disneyland Memorial Orgy by Wally Wood with the instructions to go further.

Mike also sent me copies of GLAD, a Christian MAD that makes Davey and Goliath look secular by comparison

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  1. Oh my fucking god! Paul Krassner is totally like going to fucking sue you and shit! You know he like totally fucking owns that Disney thing and shit, right! Oh my fucking god!