Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Loved a Teenage Beatnik

For some reason I've always found beatniks to be funny. Same with hippies, hoboes, or any cartoon archetype for that matter. Especially a few years after a trend has already past. I imagine some square business-types (another cartoon archetype)trying to be 'with-it'. Or maybe mainstream writers in Hollywood and Madison Avenue knew more than they let on. Maybe they didn't create the Fonz to perpetuate the myth of the 50s, but accurately portrayed some teenager in the Midwest emulating greaser rebels he saw on TV.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. This is from Atlas' TEENAGE ROMANCE #78 in 1960, artist unknown.


  1. Looks like Vince Colletta art to me, at least the inks.

  2. Is this Michaelangelo from Michigan?

  3. G**D** VINCE COLLETTA!! MOTHERFU**** VINCE COLLETTA!! The only artist whose work can spontaneously elicit my curses.

    Great story though. Love the "beatnik".

  4. Nice artwork, yep, that's Colletta allright!