Friday, May 1, 2009

Captain Spaz

While cleaning, I found some art from a zine called CAPTAIN SPAZ my friend Bobby Weiss and I did in the late 80s. We made about 30 copies and traded with a lot of other people around the country who also did zines like this. We would draw on xerox paper to the edges of the page and make copies of our comic directly from the original art which was sometimes in blue ink. Most people did theirs on a piece of paper cut in half and then folded over, while that hadn't ocurred to us. We did ours on a full sheet of paper and sometimes we folded them when we mailed them so they'd fit in a letter envelope. Believe it or not, most people had even worse production values than us. I guess we were juniors or seniors in high school when we did this. Some might say my work hasn't changed much since then.

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