Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Stand-in for Love

One of the comics where I don't know the original source. The artist looks like Alex Toth or Steve Ditko and it's from sometime between 1950-1954. If anyone has more information, let me know.

Update: It's Joe Kubert and was also published under the name LOVE CAME SECOND from Hollywood Confessions #1


  1. It kinda looks like Ditko to me, to be honest.

  2. Ditko was my first thought, and it's full of Ditko-isms, but he had only done one or two stories at that time. The lettering and some of the panels on page 2 made me think it was Toth, maybe inked by someone else. Let's ask Mikey.

  3. We're all wrong. It was Joe Kubert. It was also called "Love Came Second" and I found it in HOLLYWOOD CONFESSIONS #1. I don't know which came first or what this version is from.