Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Dark Knight Blows It

In art school my friends Tom and Marc and I were making our own comics and eventually met a lot of like-minded individuals. One such person made the comic above. The covers were made with a primitive color-xerox method called Omnicrom. You would put a copy inside a sheet of colored cellophane, then wring it through a heated machine and when it came out the copy would be all that color. Theoretically you could do the same thing with an iron but it would be a bigger pain in the ass. Used Omnicrom sheets still had any of their color where there wasn't any toner, so the artist of these comics used those to make the covers. That way you could use several sheets and get pieces of them on your black ink, sometimes with the "ghosts" of whatever the sheets bonded with previously.

'The Dark Knight Returns' had just been published in book form and the author of this comic would put copies of it inside copies of the book at bookstores and comic stores. He disavows any connection with this since it violates copyright, he has family members he doesn't want to see it, and lastly it was at least 20 years ago. He does consider this the greatest achievement of his four years at the School of Visual Arts. Since he asked to remain anonymous I was going to make up a backstory about him finding religion, but if found out that would question the credibility of everything else I posted here.

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