Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Now I'LL tell one

When I was 12, my father gave me a bunch of stories that he cut out of comics as a kid in the 50s. Partly because everything else in the comic was crap, and also to hide them from his mother (my grandmother) who believed much of the anti-comics hysteria at the time. Most of the stories were ECs which I sold on Ebay a long time ago. Much of them are now public domain so I'll be putting them up here every few days. One thing about them is that he cut a lot of the stories to the edge of the panels, cutting out margins and sometimes the content. I've had 27 years to look at various indexes to figure out where they came from.

First up is a story from MISTER MYSTERY #3 some time in 1953. It looks a bit like Harvey Kurtzman but the artist is actually Charles Stern. They were studio-mates at one time so it's likely one of them influenced the other.


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