Monday, November 7, 2011

The Wacky World of Numburrs

I got this book at a library fair years ago. It was written by Sheldon Wasserman and published in 1965 by The Citadel Press. As the introduction states:

“Given life through the imagination of the reader, NUMBURRS are a symbol of the times—an outgrowth of a society that is losing itself in systems, codes, indexes, and computers.

“Spawned in hatbands, dog-tags, credit cards, and licenses, NUMBURRS have suddenly come of age with electronics. From insignificant “fidgety digits” they have matured into full-grown area codes, all-number dialing systems, and postal zip zones—setting the stage for a NUMBURRS EXPLOSION that threatens all mankind.

“The cartoon [on the cover] says it another way...and serves to introduce you to the make-believe world of WORLD OF NUMBURRS...where people are numbers and numbers are fun!

Continued on Thursday

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