Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Welcome to Cracked #69 from July 1968

The contents page says about the front cover:

SYLVESTER does a DOUBLE-TAKE! In an effort to view both sides of every question, our inquiring janitor SPLITS his personality. Does this mean that he's TWO-FACED?!... Symbolic of our searching, editorial policy, this cover, formulated and designed by America's foremost humor artist, John Severin, has already caused comment in the publishing world: “So?”; “ECCH!”, “THAT'S a painting?” Thanks, fellows! Photobucket The inside front cover is an ad for their annuals and paperbacks with the blurb “Join the grin group—READ CRACKED!”

Another article by John Severin Photobucket Illustrated by Tony Tallarico Photobucket Arnoldo Franchioni Photobucket Photobucket Bill Ward Photobucket Tony Tallarico Photobucket Caracù Photobucket Art Pottier Photobucket This article by John Severin is reprinted from Cracked #50. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Luis Zegarra Goyenechea a/k/a Lugoze Photobucket You probably know “Ellworth A. Sap” is really Charles Rodrigues. Photobucket You may recognize the top picture as being from The Court Jester. Photobucket Photobucket Next Monday: Cracked#82, January 1970.

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