Sunday, November 4, 2012

BCGF 2012

Again I have a table at this year's Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, which I'm sure you'll attend if you're in the New York area. Right now it's easier to get to Brooklyn from France than from Manhattan, and even in some cases within Brooklyn, but I've been assured that won't be the case by next week. Photobucket I'll be at table 37. Admission is free. Photobucket I've posted this multiple times, but have to once again now that it's here. At least I hope so. I finished it earlier this year. Now that for the most part people aren't drinking their own urine and can plug in their phones again I think it will be OK. The twelfth issue will be available for $3.99. People (of which I'm sure there are very few) who won't be able to make it can definitely get it for $6.00 from Alternative Comics, 21607 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino, CA 95014, or you can this and other issues through the distribution arm Wow Cool or soon through Amazon or E-bay. I'm not sure of their postage rates yet but I'll post information again when it's confirmed. Photobucket And I made another YouTube video.

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