Friday, September 21, 2012

♫Heeeey, Sexy Ladies♫

Photobucket I intended to post this a month from now but pushed it up so someone else wouldn't think of it before that. I only know of this song because of the million parodies of it that have popped up in the past week and from the Saturday Night Live sketch last week.

I know I'm getting too old to watch the show but it's the only way I'd ever find out about pop culture aimed at people under 25.

I guess "Gangnam Style" is the jitterbugging of today.

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  1. This has absolutely no contextual relevance to me whatsoever right now. There is no cross-referencial meaning to this comic at all...nor do I think there ever will be. "gingham"??? bend it like beckam? Isn't beckam a soccer player? Wait, I mean...isn't he a "futbol" player? Does he wear plaid? why is plaid phonetically spelled like "played" instead of "PLAD" like it's supposed to be pronounced? Are words supposed to be pronounced a certain way, or are words supposed to be understood a specific way? What the hell has happened to this country's priorities???