Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I don't care what proof you have...

I don't care what proof you have Photobucket


  1. I don't think anvils really exist. It's like somebody way back when drew an amorphous chunk falling on a guy's head as a sight gag and had to explain it to the overanalytical art director. The artist had to cover his tracks by introducing a character "Mike the Clumsy Metalsmith" who made horse shoes on the balcony of his tenth floor apartment.

    Your blog is way too good, I haven't evne looked at a tenth of what you've got here yet. Probably more like a twelfth so far.

  2. What about fish heads in trash cans?

  3. Hmm...if we are to believe what we see on TV, people who throw fish heads in their garbage also have a habit of only eating the center portion of apples around the core before throwing them away.