Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's the time of year again I'll be at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival this Saturday. Everyone who's anyone will be exhibiting there, maybe even you. What makes this different from other ones, you ask? Well, I finally have a table this year. It's a curated show and I'm never on the organizers' radar. That and I haven't had a book out in a while. I kept bothering them about having one and this year I finally do, and I have prime real estate as well. I'm near Fantagraphics, which is probably the biggest exhibitor there. It looks like it will attract quite a big crowd (and fire marshals) since it's been mentioned in The New Yorker and other major magazines. The convention is free and there's all kinds of info with everything about it on their link. Here's this year's poster by Lisa Hanawalt.

And here's the book that will most likely be out in time for it. Free Ice Cream is being printed as we speak. It collects the gag cartoons from 2009 and 2010. If you've bothered to check out the archives here and seen the blurb that says “you have to buy the book”, this is that book. It's 40 pages and comic-book sized, and you can get it from me for $3 postpaid by using the “donate” button on the right.

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