Sunday, April 3, 2011

MOCCA 2011

I've decided not to go to West Coast conventions unless I'm specifically invited. It's not out of of a fear of flying or TSA officials sticking their hands up my ass though. You may be saying to yourself right now “How arrogant of him to think he's so important!” It's not that either. There are lots of reasons: A single forty-one year old hanging out with people half his age (Well, maybe not exactly half, but people born when I was in high school) has 'perv' written all over it. (If you're one of those people, I don't look down on you and we can still hang out. I'll find some other way to be pervy). Besides the creep factor, I don't feel the need to travel at my own expense. When I talk to non-comics people, they're always surprised that the majority of people at a convention paid their own way to be there, even when they're on a panel. I don't feel like paying my own expenses to a town I wouldn't go to otherwise. I love San Diego, but the only reason I've ever been there is because there's a convention there. San Francisco is nice, but most of the people I knew ten years ago are no longer there. And a lot of the conventions now are no longer there to promote comics but 'comic-like things'. San Diego especially is more of a fall TV/movie preview now.
Which is a roundabout way of saying I'll be at next week's MOCCA festival, mostly at the Top Shelf table. I don't have anything new except for a few mini-comics, but I'll be promoting 'Scene But Not Heard' coming out this winter. It's the only book I can think of that will be 128 pages for $9.95, full color to boot. Not that I'm Howard Stern, but it's good to have something kids can look at without having to get their parents' approval. I've mentioned the book before, but in publishing the author usually does most of their own promotion. Even though the periodical comic is almost dead now, there's still the same weekly mentality (another aspect of comics that when I explain it to non-comics people sounds like I'm from Mars) so it's almost necessary to let the world know you exist.

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